We believe men deserve better

Tailors Mark was started on a simple premise - we had unsatisfactory experiences with tailored clothes and felt that people deserved better. That means a less convoluted, stuffy and expensive process, but the same perfect fit that tailoring provides. Because clothes that fit are better.


Creating technology that makes the complex, simple

Before a single needle hits the cloth, Tailors Mark are about creating the technology to bring tailoring to more men, and an eCommerce experience that makes the process simpler.

Unmatched, precision fit menswear

At the core of what we do is the belief that every man deserves to feel his best.

And a perfectly fitting tailored shirt or suit can start a man on this journey. So we make sure every customer comes away fully satisfied with the perfect fit. Because every man is different, Tailors Mark create the technology and shape the experience that lets every man find their unique fit. Not just a great fit in style and shape - although that’s vital - but also a look that fits their personal style, and the tips to fit their lifestyle.

Relentless drive for improvement

Every man, just like every company, strives to be better. And we aim to make our customers live, dress and feel better - to make that little bit of improvement. Just like our customers, Tailors Mark never stands still.

Empowering the individual

We don’t just make shirts and suits, we empower our customers to make their own choices about how to live and dress better, by putting the tools in their hands. From colour to fit to cloth to where the monogram goes, Tailors Mark let every man individualise with their own flair.

Complete customer care

Support for us goes well beyond customer care. We provide the support for our customers in a lifestyle sense, not just a transactional sense.

We’re not happy with just enough. We want our customers coming back again and again. So we go above and beyond to ensure that they do.

  • Where to Find Us
  • We operate as an online business and ship to destinations across the world.

  • If you’d like to send us mail or are in Melbourne and would like to book a suit fitting, our address is here.

  • 20 Macquarie Street

    Prahran, Victoria 3181


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