How long will it take to for my order to arrive?

Our shirts are delivered in three weeks. Our suits are delivered within four weeks. If your order urgent, please contact us.

How much does it cost for delivery?

Shipping in Australia is free.
We also ship globally, find out more about international orders here

Can you rush my order?

If you need your order urgently please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

What countries do you ship to?

Tailors Mark ships globally.

How is my order shipped?

Australia & New Zealand orders are shipped via AAE (Australia Air Express) & Australia Post e-parcels International orders are shipped via Royal Mail, DHL, FEDEX, TNT

How I can track my delivery?

Once your order is dispatched you will receive the tracking details in an email. You can also check your order details by logging into your account. Alternatively, contact us for assistance.

Über Uns

Where are Tailors Mark garments made?

Our shirts and suits are made in Thailand. Our talented team in Bangkok are an extension of our Australian team. We work closely and collaboratively on every piece produced - from design through to fabric, cutting, manufacturing, stitching, quality assurance, dispatch and customer support.

How can I make contact with Tailors Mark?

Sie können mit uns hier LIVE sprechen (Montag – Freitag 9-5pm AEST). Sie können uns Email schicken oder auf folgende Nummer anrufen: 1300 857 478

Measurements & Sizing

Zur Vermessung gibt es drei Optionen:

  • - Verwenden Sie den AutoSize Vermessungstool. Beantworten Sie ein Paar einfache Fragen und wir werden Ihre Körpergröße, aufgrund der Information, die wir aus 60.000 Hemd-Bestellungen gesammelt haben, berechnen. AutoSize hat 95% Trefferquote. Wenn Ihr Hemd trotzdem nicht passt, werden wir es kostenlos nachproduzieren.
  • - Vermessen sie sich mit Hilfe unserer Vermessungsanleitung, oder lassen sich von einem Freund vermessen.
  • - Nehmen Sie die Vermessungsanleitung und besuchen eine Änderungsschneiderei

What happens if my garment doesn't fit?

We will re-make a garment at no cost if it doesn't fit, or refund you in full.

I want to change my measurements of a current order, is that possible?

Please contact us and we can assess the status of your order and do our best to accommodate any changes.

Do you keep my measurements on file for future orders?

Yes, your details are saved in your profile for future orders.

How does AutoSize work?

AutoSize for shirts is unique to Tailors Mark. Answer a few simple questions and we'll automatically calculate your body size, using data we've collected from over 60,000 shirt orders. AutoSize for shirts has a 95% accuracy rate for perfect fit on first time orders. However if your fit isn't quite right, we will re-make your shirt free of charge.

What clothing should I be wearing when I measure myself?

Wear a comfortable shirt and suit pants. Avoid wearing bulky knitwear, jeans or a jacket and be sure to keep pockets empty.

How tight should I pull the tape measure around my body parts?

The tape measure should be placed around your body firmly but comfortably. Avoid pulling it too tight or too loose.

I am ordering a french cuff. Do I need to provide a bigger sleeve length to account for the fold of the cuff?

No. We account for the type of cuff that you have chosen. Simply follow our standard sleeve length when supplying your shirt measurements.


How secure is your ordering system?

Our order process is secured with 128 bit encryption meaning your personal information is guarded and safe.

What are your payment methods?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express. We also offer AfterPay in Australia.

Is payment upfront?

Yes, all of our products are made-to-order so we require full payment at the time of purchase.


How are the suits constructed?

Unsere Anzüge sind handgemacht, Jacket nach Maß mit folgenden Premium-Features:

  • Front Canvas mit dem echten Pferdehaar
  • Deutsche Helsa Schulterpolster
  • Deutsches Filz unter dem Kragen
  • Ascolite Schweizer Button-Heat-Seals
What is the price for one of your individually tailored suits?

Our suits start at €653 and range to €1,632, depending on the cloth and finishes you choose.

What is the price for an individual jacket or pair of pants?

Our pants range from €196 to €490. Tailors Mark jackets range from €457 to €1,143, depending on cloth and finish.

How do I care for the shirt fabrics?

Bitte siehe unsere Hemd-Pflegehinweise.

  • Vor dem ersten Tragen waschen.
  • Bevor Sie die Hemden waschen, verwenden Sie einen abriebfesten Fleckenentferner um den Kragen, Manschetten und Achseln, um die Farbe des Hemdes zu behalten.
  • Nutzen Sie ein lauwarmes Wasser undwählen den Schonwaschgang aus
  • Hängend- oder flachtrocknen,Das Trocknen in dem Trockner vermeiden.
  • Für die besseren Ergebnisse benutzen Sie einen Dampfbügeleisen
What are Tailors Mark suits made from?

Our custom suits are available in a wide range of fabrics for your selection, from wool blends to pure wool and luxury merinos. Read more about our suiting cloths here.

What is the price for one of your individually tailored shirts?

Our shirts range from $99 - $239, depending on the style of shirt and custom finishes you choose.

How do I care for my suit?

Bitte siehe unsere Anzugs-Pflegehinweise.

  • Eine Kleiderbürste und ein Handsteamer können gegen Flecken helfen
  • Waschen Sie Ihr Jackett nie. Die Hose dürfenin der Maschine im Schonwaschgang gewaschen werden .
  • Wenn nötig, kann Ihr Anzug trockengereinigt werden.
  • Wenn der Anzug zerknittert ist, darf es gebügelt werden, allerdings sollte der Handsteamer und der Hosenbügel im Alltag gut helfen.
  • Immer in einem gut gelufteten Schrank aufgehängt halten

Änderungen & Rückversand

What is your returns policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with your order we'll provide free alterations or issue a full refund.

Will my measurements be updated after alterations or a remake?

We will update your measurements profile to ensure your details are correct for future purchases.


I have a discount or promotional code, how do I use it?

If you have either a discount code or promo code, enter this at the final checkout page.

How do I redeem a Gift Voucher?

On your gift voucher you will find a Discount Code, enter this at checkout to redeem your voucher.

I am having trouble with my voucher/discount code, who can I contact?

Please contact us for assistance.